Acoustic Guitars

A unique look inside the Retro guitar

At the heart of my steel string guitars is an innovative bracing system that I developed in the early 80's and refined over many generations of guitars. It incorporates an additional curved bar intersecting the X-brace which allows me to adjust for each different style of guitar. This stiff and light top gives my guitars their characteristic solid but resonant feel, excellent sustain and projection. The influence of my classical guitars shows in the balance and clarity of sound. This is also echoed in the wood bindings and marquetry rosette which add to the distinctive look of my steel string guitars.

“…finger style playing, flat-pick style, open tunings etc… this guitar does it all… I have tried literally hundreds, if not thousands of guitars… [the Graf guitar] is absolutely the finest acoustic guitar I have ever heard or played. In fact it makes other guitars sound as if they're half full of water!”

Jason Fowler, Toronto songwriter and guitarist, about his '84 spruce top cutaway. You can hear Jason Fowler on my 30th anniversary CD as well as on his own recordings.